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1.   Фируз Ахмедов
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  News for today - 02/09/2020

Hello to all.
First of all, I want to apologize for the fact that the release of the new client did not happen at the time I specified. Unfortunately, the preparation of the documentation was a little delayed and during this time I found a couple of minor bugs in the new client that needed to be urgently fixed. But things are moving and now the estimated time for the appearance of a new client is the next week. Most likely the first half of the week.
Second, once again I apologize for the failure (and most likely for hacking the spiteful critics), due to which the layouts of some aircraft were shot down. Therefore, people, please check the layout of your aircraft, since it is not possible to return this programmatically.
I really hope that as soon as a new client comes out, these individuals will stop bullying our resource. They want it. In any case, they position themselves that way.
P.S. Personally, dear crackers, slow down for a while, we will release a new client, roll it back and then delete the old client forever.
Clear sky!
  Latest working news. - 01/08/2020

Good afternoon friends. I want to tell you what we are working on now.
And the first, and perhaps the most important for today, is the practical completion of the tests of the new client! Recent tests have shown that the client is 90% ready to launch.
The last 10% are:
- preparation of documentation
- enabling the first time to use 2 clients: new and old
The preliminary release date of the beta version for general use is 08/15/2020
I am also preparing a new version of the forum for the release. Unfortunately, attempts to save information from the old forum and transfer it to the new one have not been crowned with success. Moreover, it was not even possible to transfer the user base. I apologize for this. Therefore, it was decided to freeze the old forum and make it read-only, like an archive. And in the new forum you will have to register again. Well, over time, I will slowly transfer the most important information from the old forum either to the new forum or to the FAQ section.
Well, in addition to this, I am correcting a little, "fixing" and improving some sections of the resource.
In the future - as soon as I finish the main, at the moment, work on the new client and on the new forum, and as soon as we "roll in" them, I think to start working on:
- completion and change of certain sections of the resource
- development of online flights and dispatching service
- add quest and competitive sections to our pilots' "life"
P.S. In the new forum, I will definitely make 3 separate sections, which will be devoted to strictly three discussions:
- new on resource
- new in the client
- new on-line
But I warn you right away - these will be sections ONLY for discussions on topics. I will simply delete any flood or non-constructive.
That's all for now. Online, friends.
Clear sky!
  Library of the virtual pilot and dispatcher - 06/02/2020

Good day to all!
There was a free place in which little by little I fill in the useful documentation. Manuals, textbooks and articles that will help to master the virtual pilots and controllers in the virtual sky. ;)
Manuals for dispatchers:
Aircraft vectoring
Manual for dispatchers. Taxiing
Manual for dispatchers. Tower
Manual for dispatchers. Circle and approach
Radio Phrasiology:
Rules of phraseology of the radio exchange VirtAivil
ICAO 9432 Radiotelephone Communications Manual
Radio Phrasiology Rules
Clear sky!

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