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New pilots:
1.   Евгений Лфпкин
2.   Виктор Салеханов
3.   Ярослав Кунгер
4.   Andrey Myagkih
5.   Игорь Тихонов
New companies:
1.   S7 Airlines
2.   Rotate Airlines!
3.   AllYapix Airlinens
4.   Rusline AIR
5.   Dream Airlines
Early access to new client - 23/07/2019  

Hello to all.
I am writing a new version of the client. So, today I post the version in early access for testing.
If someone suddenly doesn’t know what “early access” is, this is a working version of the program, but not yet tested or partially tested. Therefore, in this version there may still be many bugs. But it was in order to collect information about these bugs and fix them, and I post the new version in the early access.
Request! Please read carefully the instructions before you do anything!

Instructions posted on the forum here!

Чистого неба!
Swift - new on-line client - 16/04/2019  

Good day to all!
An interesting online client came out, a multiformat, supports different simulators. In particular, Prepar3D v4 and X-Plane 11.
Learn more about it here.

Чистого неба!

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