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  New client released v. ! - 30/03/2021

Good afternoon friends!
Finally, we have completed the ill-fated tests with a new client and are ready to present it for everyone to see. Unfortunately, we cannot say that we have fully tested it on all models and on all simulators. To do this you need a lot of time, people and technical means. Therefore, we do not exclude the occurrence of some problems when working with a new client. First of all, we ask you to treat this with understanding. There may even be cases of NOT recording any flights. To do this, we will not disconnect the old client and temporarily it will be possible to fly either on the old client or on the new one. It's up to you to choose. And only after the new client is rolled back and no longer produces errors, the old client will be canceled.
Once again, we ask you to treat with understanding the new client, our work (this is my first work in a new language) and do not start to "panic", but contact us either through the "Contacts" section, or describe the problem on the forum in the corresponding post, link to which I will leave the news at the end.

Link to new client v.
Clear sky!

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