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Ukraine PAX

Ukraine PAX
A country: Ukraine
Date of creation: 24-09-2020
Airport: Lozuvatka - UKDR
WEB-page of the company: No web page
Balance: 5.366.490 S
Reputation (PAX): 0
Reputation (CARGO): 0
Reputation (VIP): 0
Reputation (ON-LINE): 0
Title (% of company revenue)
The percentage of the pilot's income in the rank of Trainee : 0%
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Company's pilots
ID Full name Rank Is Visit   Out In    
UPX1 Василий Круг Trainee Lozuvatka (UKDR) 25/09/20 00:20 Free

The last 20 flights
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Inventory statistics

Pilots : 18135
Companies : 1806
Reserved : 32
In flight : 43
Total flights : 712321
Online : 1

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