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New version 2.0.0

Postby LelikBest » Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:08 am

That's a new version 2.0.0 of the resource, and with it the new client version

And no long conversations at once proceed to describe the new features:
- Opened a single pot resource.
- Opening a bank account. Opening an account - 50.000 S. The content of bills - 10.000 S a week.
- The ability to take credit. Credit is limited in amount. Ability to take a loan at a time until the end of its payment.
- The ability to make contributions with interest. The contribution is limited in amount. Ability to make a contribution at a time until the end of its payment.
- The ability to exchange real money for Wirth. The amount is limited in amount and time.
- Aircraft transferred to the system manufacturer. Now planes can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The free aircraft for sale and rent will appear all the time, but in small quantities. But as the producer can be ordered aircraft for purchase or rental. Order fulfillment takes time.
- Ordering the aircraft manufacturer has the opportunity to order "delivery" of the aircraft to the base of the airport
- For aircraft introduced a system of statistics flying hours and miles. Depending on these parameters, the purchase price of the aircraft decreases.
- Introduced a system of renewal of the lease. A week before the end of the lease you will receive a notification. If the aircraft is leased from the company, not the manufacturer, then the extension is only possible if the company is the owner of the aircraft exposed to the possibility of extension.
- Just implemented the ability to buy the aircraft from the lease. But this is only possible if the aircraft leased from the manufacturer.
- Revised the prices and time on maintenance of aircraft
- Increased revenue from the airport infrastructure
- Made by automatic withdrawal for those services, and for transfer to the aircraft at the time of its release from the lease, if at this point, the plane does not have 100% of the technical condition and it is not in a base airport lessor.
- Implemented a single system of fuel prices. Each airport is now a price for fuel and it is constantly changing. Moreover, now if you depart from home base, the fuel is "fueled" fuel of the base airport hangars, as well as now. But if you do not depart from the base airport, at the end of the flight you pay for the costs fueled the airport of departure. Accordingly, the fuel is not removed from the fuel base airport hangars. Fuel prices can be seen on the page of a particular airport.
- Completely revised rating system charges for the flight. One of the innovations - the rating was dependent on the range.
- Revised the system load aircraft passengers or cargo. In addition to the prices in this relationship include: the average vertical landing (than this value is close to zero, the greater the load), the number of crashes for the entire existence of the company, the average rating of the company for the last flight in for 2 weeks

- New interface
- Edit a more accurate calculation and comparison of the airport of departure.
- Edit function dozaprvki fixation plane.
- A more advanced feature can remove the vertical velocity at landing.
- Increase the time zaderzhok the points of fixation of fines. Simply put the possibility of the introduction of time to correct the error.
- The fuel will no longer be charged to the company, if the pilot flies not from the base airport. Just at the end of the flight system will be fueled and count the amount of rent to the company.
- Company logo in the upper left corner of the client. Download this logo, please visit the "Upload logo" on the resource in the office.

P.S. Please be sensitive to malfunction or in some bugs in connection with the new version of the resource and to immediately report them to the appropriate forum thread.
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