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Early access to new client

Postby LelikBest » Tue Jul 23, 2019 7:27 am

Hello to all.
I am writing a new version of the client. So, today I post the version in early access for testing.
If someone suddenly doesn’t know what “early access” is, this is a working version of the program, but not yet tested or partially tested. Therefore, in this version there may still be many bugs. But it was in order to collect information about these bugs and fix them, and I post the new version in the early access.
Request! Please read carefully the instructions before you do anything!

1. Client download here: https://yadi.sk/d/AxZnu-uchJa8SA
2. We go and work only with a test resource: http://dev.virtairlines.ru
The client does NOT work with the working version of the resource.
3. Send a flight report to the mail: support@virtairlines.ru
4. The subject of the letter must be: Testing a new client
5. Report to send a clear pattern:
a) flight ID
a) what SIM was used
b) which aircraft is the default or not (if not the default, then we must write the manufacturer), the type of aircraft, the model of the aircraft
c) report: here we write everything about the flight. If you find a bug, then we describe the bug in detail and under what circumstances you found it. It is desirable if the flight was performed at 100%
try to do the same on the same plane, but specifically make mistakes + crash
d) attach to the letter a BlackBox.txt file which is located in the folder - Documents

Now some explanations on the client:
1. fuel loading - here the client calculates the maximum fuel load in this way = TakeoffWeight - (EmptyWeight + Cargo + PaxKg)
PaxKg = number of passengers * per 55 kg.
2. The checkboxes in front of the lights are auxiliary checkboxes that can be used to control the lights on the plane. That is, the ticks are, as it were, the tumblers control lights. Essentially this
was made for models in which the client does not recognize the lights.

Important! Follow the news. In the process of work and bug fixes the client will be updated. Do not forget to reinstall.

P.S. We kindly request. Letters with the "left" messages for a new client or reports that are not designed according to the rules will not be considered!
P.S.S. People. I ask you to take this seriously. Your tests will determine how quickly a new client will come out and how quickly I will proceed with the following "inventions".
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